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Thunder Hole

The spectacular waves and thunderous sounds of the ocean at Thunder Hole draw many visitors to this dramatic location. The rock formation there is such that, the waves crash against rock and water is forced through a small, rock crevice into a small cave. The sound of thunder is created as rushing water crashes against air trapped in cave. The noise is most pronounced between high tide and low tide or after a storm. The waves there can also be dangerous – especially when storms are near. Please follow posted signs and stay within the designated viewing area.

The small shop here offers cold fountain drinks, small snacks, and a selection of t-shirts, caps, postcards, and other souvenirs. There is very limited electricity at Thunder Hole, so no refrigerated food is available.

GPS Coordinates

  • 44 degrees 21 minutes 04.53 seconds North (44 21 04.53 N)
  • 68 degrees 13 minutes 37.542 seconds West (68 13 37.542 W)
  • North American Datum of 1927 (NAD-27)
  • 460 meters above sea level

Thunder Hole Concessions

Operating Hours:
Closed for the season, reopening May 2020

Thunder Hole Parking

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